11 Best birthday gifts for hikers

Getting the best birthday gifts for hikers can be quite daunting. There is hardly anyone saying anything about it except us.

Birthday gifts for hikers are quite different from the general list of hiking gifts out there.

A birthday gift should cause some excitement to whomever that is receiving it.

My team and I have given thought to these types of gifts. 

Here’s the list

 Best birthday gifts for hikers

Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


Get him a T-Shirt such as this and see how happy he will be. This shirt is a great workout shirt that is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and fits perfectly.

It’s a great shirt for hikers and I highly recommend it.

Charmast 26800 Ultra Slim QC


The importance of having a power bank whilst hitting the trail cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes, electronics like smartphones are among the essential items we used on the trail.

Hence having a power bank for charging and recharging is very important. 

This massive power bank can charge your phone six times because it has a large capacity of 26800 mAh. 

This is a great birthday gift for hikers too.

Hand Care Gift Set


This is a perfect birthday gift for her. The fragrance of this hand care is so yummy that she’d love it and thank you for it happily.

In addition to deeply moisturizing, this hand care gift ultra-rich 20% organic shea butter hand cream absorbs quickly for immediate hydration.

Relax Gift Set


Make her spend her big day at an at-home spa by buying her this basket meant for relaxing.

It contains a pleasant scent that is perfect for bath time, from soap to bath bombs. Each item is of high quality. A light floral scent with a hint of marine salt is what appeals to my nose. It is very clean and conducive to bathing. Guaranteed to make bath time more enjoyable.

Apple AirPods Pro


As his girlfriend, this is one of the best birthdays you can give to him.  The beauty and quality of these AirPods are quite an emotional trigger.

The noise cancellation of these AirPods is quite rare, and the sound quality and battery life are out of this world.

Any hiker would love these pairs when using them on the trail. The apple AirPods are a lot better and feel more secure in the ears than many others out there.

 It was quite expensive though.

Vibrating Foam Roller


The foam roller is a massaging tool that an avid hiker would love because it helps to loosen up major muscle groups, therefore, reducing any sort of neck or shoulder pain.

This may not be for all hikers but it’s definitely worth mentioning especially for those who do hiking as a form of fitness and workout.

Urination Device


This is definitely not for all hikers but those with certain appendages. This however does not mean it is useless to others.

Lots of women have been found to love this.

What Next?

Here you have the list. Make your choices now and make your friend happy.

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