11 Best gift ideas for hiking lovers

Your intent for searching for the best gift ideas for hiking lovers is the beginning of truly gifting them a thoughtful gift.

All hiking gifts are not the same hence we’ve carefully selected the best gift a friend or loved one will be happy to receive from you.

Here’s the list

Best gift ideas for hiking lovers

HydraPak Flux Water Bottle


It’s always essential to have a clean supply of water when hiking, whether it’s a day hike through Yosemite or a week-long trek through Patagonia. That’s why water bottles make ideal gifts for hikers of all stripes. You can’t just buy your hiking buddy a water bottle because they need lightweight and durable equipment.

Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite HIking GPS


The battery life of this device is great. It functions properly even with its mini-size user interface. It can easily be connected to a phone where you can send messages to anyone.

There are preset messages you can send to family members and they in turn can see your location from that message.

This is basically a satellite communication device and it’s very important during an SOS situation at events where cellular coverage would fail, this device won’t.

Outdoor Hat



These are very important during bright summer hikes. It helps to protect the face and neck from the rays of the sun.

You can’t go wrong with these.

Solar Power Bank


What happens when your phone dies while on the trail?

To avoid the occurrence where you are stranded, you need to have a solar-powered charging bank to ensure a full charge always.

This device is a great thing to have if your friend or lover is always hitting trails.

CamelBak Ambush Pack


Hydration reservoir capacity: 3L

Cargo capacity: 10L

Weight: minimalist design

Hydration pack features: Frames, Pockets, Ventilation, Padding

Comfort: Shoulder Strap, Padded, No hip belt, Chest strap

Size: Unisex

This hydration pack is suitable for a short day hike although it can still serve for an average day hike.

This hydration pack has a military-grade design which makes it extremely exception from the others. It has extra functional pockets, it holds more water, it is BPA-free and that makes it free from plastic taste.

There is an adjustable length for each strap, and the chest strap has a Bungie side that relieves pressure. A nice feature is that the 3L bladder is easily removable through the top hole.

This hydration pack is excellent for short hikes. It comes in different colors and that means you have the option to choose if you don’t like the military-like color. It features a quick-release bite valve.

I highly recommend it.

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Garmin Venu Fitness Watch


This watch is quite powerful. It has a weekly step challenge that puts you in a group with other Garmin users based on your level of activity. You won’t know most of these people though.

The GPS is accurate and the step is not that perfect however it gives you an idea of how active you’ve been.

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Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Bottle

This water bottle turns any natural water source to clean and pure drinking water. Pretty much every hiker uses this water filter bottle when hiking in the backcountry.

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