11 Best hiking gear gifts

It can be overwhelming to select the best hiking gear gifts for a partner, friend, or loved one because there are thousands of products out there.

Even at times, you may not know what best to give because your opinion might not be just enough.

But not to worry, my team and I have spent an exhaustive amount of time collating the best of the best hiking gear gifts that any hiking enthusiast will fall in love with.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to it.

Best hiking gear gifts

Osprey Hikelite 18


This bag is perfect for day hikes, and it’s cool for storing snacks, water, and clothes. It is comfortable, and durable. 

It has a proper ventilation structure that causes it to breathe properly thereby keeping your back sweat-free and cool. It has fitted pockets for extra storage and you hit the backcountry.

 It has a hip and chest strap that helps it to fit your body properly and to remain firm.

Garmin Epix Gen 2


Whomever you’re giving this gift to will absolutely love it. It’s expensive and rare to see on the hands of other hikers.

Garmin is a popular brand that almost all hikers are familiar with. This watch, in particular, offers a variety of functions that includes, sleep tracking, workouts, heart rate, and tracking steps taken during a hiking journey.

It features a map for navigation.

The battery of this watch lasts for as long as 16 days without recharging it and it charges very fast.

If it’s any concern, there’s a gesture mode of 16 days which is plenty enough for you to test run it and probably return it.

You can never go wrong with this watch.

Trigger Point Performance GridX Foam Roller


This is one of the best products for a hike post-recovery deep self-massage. 

The GridX is a firmer roller compared to other rollers.

If you don’t know what it’s about, essentially, the goal is to improve the performance of the lymphatic system to decrease post-workout discomfort and downtime. By rolling against a firm object with your hands, you move anaerobic respiration byproducts away from your muscles and toward your lymph nodes.

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow


It’s lightweight, comfortable, durable, and capable of retaining warmth even in a negative ten Fahrenheit which makes it worth your money.

Whenever you’re going out to the backcountry during the cold weather for multiday hikes, this is definitely what you need.

This is not a traditional sleeping bag but serves the same purpose.

Osprey Levity 60 / Lumina 60



These bags are a go-to for thru-hikers because they are lightweight, durable, and spacious with a capacity of 60 liters.

These two bags are basically the same. Levity is for men and Lumina is for women.

The main difference between the two is in the structural design. The shoulder and torso lengths of men and women are usually not the same therefore these bags cannot be used interchangeably.

Getting the right bag will improve your comfortability when on the trail.

Kahtoola MICROspikes


This is a go-to shoe for winter hikers because there’s a chance of snow or icy conditions as you hike the trail. It’s good to have these in your bag during a winter hike.

The spikes under the shoe add tremendous traction and confidence on slippery rocks and rough ledges with treacherous drop-offs, loose gravel, debris, and scree when they are covered in snow and ice.

The chains-and-spikes design makes this shoe unique.

Get one for him today.

Black Diamond Rain Jacket


This is a hardshell shirt that is best used for cold weather insulation because it is properly designed to help retain heat. It is lightweight and extremely breathable.

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp


Lightweight, very bright, rechargeable and takes AAA batteries. The strap is easy to adjust, the switch-on button is quite easy to use and it’s extremely useful for navigation during the night.

The only challenge with this awesome headlamp is that it has a single switch for two lights. This is not much of an issue though.

Counter Assault Bear Spray


This gear comes in pretty handy when you are hiking in bear country and mountain lion country. 

Mini USB Battery Charger


This is a Power Delivery device with a USB-C port.

With a size similar to a typical man’s wallet, this unit fits nicely in a pocket. For the majority of people, it will fit in their front pocket along with their phone. That’s why it is a 10,000 mAh battery. The size makes them practical to carry around. The battery in a typical smartphone is around 3,000 mAh. So, you can charge this up to three full times.

Gregory Mountain 3D Reservoir


My favorite hydration bladder to use if I don’t have to filter water is the Gregory because it’s easy to fill and close, and it has a quick release so you can easily take it out of the pack and refill it without snaking the hose out. If you bite on the valve too hard or chew on it, it will break (but it’s easy to replace).

What Next?

Here’s what you have it. Choose the best hiking gear gifts that fit the need of your friend or lover.

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