What is the best long underwear for hiking?

It’s no doubt that hiking during cold weather conditions with shorts only is almost like a suicidal mission. Right?

There’s no need to go through the suffering of those harsh cold weather conditions when there are Long underwear or long johns you can use. 

It will interest you to know that thermal underwear often consists of long leggings and long-sleeved shirts worn underneath outer clothing on cold days.

What this post will be showing you shortly are some of the best long underwear for hiking. We’ve gone through the goring details. Yours is to select the one that best suits you.

Quick List of the Best Long Underwear for Hiking

The Importance of Having a Long Underwear for Hiking

First of all, let’s state the obvious. Appropriate clothing is crucial to both men and women hikers regardless of the weather.

If you can’t control the temperature you can control what you wear or layer up with.


You already know this. 

This is the first and foremost importance. This is all there is to it. Long Johns are made with a fabric technology that insulates your body.

Thermal underwear can prevent you from getting cold during hiking. 


Long Johns come in different colors, patterns, and styles.


Another importance of long underwear for hiking is the ease of movement it provides you while on a sweating hike.

You want to ensure you have as much comfort as you can get while walking for an extended period. And long underwear for hiking will provide you this comfort to ease your movement, prevent friction and peeling, and overall leave you feeling comfortable.


Long-john materials are impenetrable which helps to protect your skin from sharp objects and insect bites.


Long underwear provides warmth just as it protects you from harsh environments. If you’re hiking in a cold season, you want to make sure that you get as many layers as possible to keep you warm.

What to Look out for When Choosing a Long Underwear for Hiking


The material or fabric used in the production of the long underwear for hiking you buy will determine some important features that will contribute to your comfort and safety while wearing your long underwear for hiking.

Here are a few of these features.

Moisture Absorbance:

It’s important to wear long underwear that sufficiently absorbs moisture as a result of sweating during a hike.

This prevents cold and makes your hiking experience more comfortable.

Fast Drying:

Closely behind moisture absorbance is the rate at which the long underwear dries.

Just as moisture absorbance prevents cold, by absorbing sweat from your skin, your long underwear’s ability to dry quickly also contributes to preventing cold and dampness.

So when picking out the best long underwear for hiking you want to consider how much the material supports quick drying.


The durability of your long underwear matters very much because you don’t want to buy long underwear each time you plan to go hiking.

If the strength of the material of your long underwear is not good enough you might end up just doing that.

Long underwear fabrics such as merino wool, polyester, and cotton-polyester-blend are known to be durable.


The feel of your long underwear material is essential for your comfort while putting it on.

Since this layer of clothing is going to be on you throughout your daily hike and be closest to your skin, you want to ensure you get a material that has a nice feel on your skin and doesn’t feel constrictive.

You also want to make sure that you get a material that does not irritate your skin or a fabric type that you are allergic to.

Resistance to Heat:

A good long john should give you warmth but not give you a heat stroke when hiking in hot weather. The best long underwear for hiking should be resistant to heat.


Before picking out a good base layer for hiking you want to make sure that it fits snugly- not too constrictive or too loose. This gives the right amount of warmth and comfort.

So get your size sorted out and pick out the best long john that suits your size exactly.


In case you enjoy a good fashion sense getting base layers in a variety of colors will interest you. This is great, and long underwear comes in various color picks.

Getting colors that do not absorb heat much is also very important especially when you are hiking in a hot season.


A lightweight long-john is easy to pack and will not add much weight to your backpack. it also adds to your feeling of lightness when wearing it.


Your base layer is closest to your skin and absorbs your body sweat and oil, this makes odor retention very probable.

When picking the best base layer for hiking, you want to ensure that it does not retain odor, as this can be very uncomfortable if you’re hiking in a hot season, since you’ll sweat more than in a cold season.


The last on our list of what to look out for when picking the best long underwear for hiking is the cost of the underwear, although, this is not the least feature.

Yes, a good hike is great when you’re well-prepared, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend too much.

We’ll help you with options for the best base layers for hiking without breaking the bank. Keep Scrolling!

Top 5 Long Underwear for Hiking

Here’s our list of the best long underwear for hiking you can pick from when getting a good base layer for your next hiking trip.

TOP 5 Long Underwear for Hiking (Men)

Here’s our top hiking long-johns underwear for men.

Thermajohn Long Johns Thermal Underwear 

This men’s Thermajohn long underwear is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex which is awesome because of its breathability.

When hiking in a cold season you need not worry, this long john is designed to retain heat and keep the cold away.

The fleece lining also contributes to its heat retention quality and adds a smooth finish to the fabric.

It promises to keep you dry because of its moisture absorbance quality that absorbs sweat away from your skin, keeps you feeling dry as it is a fast dry fabric, and overall keeps you comfortable.



CL convallaria Thermal Underwear

Smartwool Men’s Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom

OR Men’s Echo Hoodie

LAPASA Men’s Thermal Underwear 

Top 5 Long UNderwear for Hiking (Women)

Women are not left out, here are the 5 best base layers for hiking for women!

Thermajane Long Johns Thermal Underwear for Women

PISIQI Thermal Underwear Women 

ViCherub Thermal Underwear Set for Women

WEERTI Thermal Underwear for Women 

LAPASA Womens 100% Merino Wool Base Layer


There you have it!

The Best long underwear has been compiled to ease your stress of choosing your next hiking long john.

The products have been painstakingly described, meet up with the standards of hiking long underwear, and are not too pricy as well.

I hope we’ve been able to help you pick the best long underwear without the trouble of searching the web aimlessly.