5 Best Collapsible Water Bottle For Hiking 2022

The importance of having one of the best collapsible water bottles for hiking cannot be overemphasized.

Although many people do not much thought into it, I think you do and that’s a good thing because having a water bottle as you are hiking is definitely a sure means of hydration.

A collapsible water bottle is useful for water storage as I stated already however it’s very useful during emergency periods.

But its sweet spot is the ability to fold neatly away in a backpack or small pocket.

My team and I have carefully selected the best ones out there.

Best collapsible water bottle for hiking

Baiji Silicone Water Bottle https://amzn.to/3A4XYFW

These water bottles are rollable and foldable featuring a retainer that can be used for backpack clipping. It is the best collapsible water bottle out there.

The water bottles are easy to clean, easy to fill, and lightweight, therefore, I highly recommend them.

It hardly leaks due to the material quality it’s made of. 

There are however complaints of plastic taste which I believe will be nonexistent if proper care and usage are adopted.

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Nomander Collapsible Water Bottle 


Nomander is also a unique collapsible water bottle with a quality design. The material it’s made of is BPA-free silicone, PVC Free, and Latex Free. 

It neatly rolls up into a portable package when kept in a backpack or a small bag. It is leak-proof, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to carry.

It is designed in a way that makes it sturdy without collapsing when holding on to your hand while drinking from it.

It features a carabiner clip and it’s leakproof. Just like the Baiji, some people complain of it having a rubber taste. 

This is not an issue because it can easily be solved by treating it with boiling hot water and letting it soak for some hours.

Hydrapak Flux


This water bottle weighs 2.9 oz and does not have insulation. According to multiple users, the water bottle holds on to flavors.

This is similar to the rest I have mentioned and as you already know, there’s a fix for it.

Also, it’s lightweight, strong, durable, compact, and leakproof however it has no insulating material.

It features a Katadyn filter which set’s it apart from other collapsible water bottles.

It has a relatively large opening which makes it easy for filling up with water.

Kemier Collapsible Silicone Water


This is an FDA-approved water bottle that is guaranteed to be leakproof. This water bottle features a special valve that prevents water from pouring out in case of slippage or a fall.

It features a carabiner which is used to attach it to the backpack. The sweet spot of this collapsible water bottle is that it can sustain both ice and hot water temperature.

However, to avoid the bad taste, boil hot water and pour it into the water bottle as a treatment procedure for 3 to 5 minutes.

Among others, it hardly has a bad taste and it doesn’t hold on to flavors.

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Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle For Hiking


It’s a durable, leakproof, flexible silicone water bottle. It’s BPA-free just like the others.

The cap is made so well that it doesn’t drip water no matter what happens. This water bottle doesn’t collapse flat like the rest instead it shrinks to a very small size. This makes it wobbly while drinking with it.

Also, this water bottle is not insulated hence it doesn’t preserve a cool temperature as much as the Kemier’s.

What Next?

Here’s the list of the best collapsible water bottles for hiking.

My best pick among all of these is the Kemier collapsible water bottle for hiking.

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What is the Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Large Dogs hiking

A lot of hikers ask “What is the best dog backpack carrier for large dogs hiking?”

Firstly, the word backpack is the same no matter how customized it may sound. A dog backpack carrier is no different. It is affixed to the back.

Your dog backpack carrier for large dogs hiking is most useful when there’s a need to carry your large dog on your back or front for ease of movement during your hike.

The best dog backpack carrier for large dogs hiking comes in especially handy when hiking on a narrow trail or trails with bumps etc.

In this post, I’ll be showing you the best backpack carriers for your large dogs when hiking.

More so, I’ll be giving you some extras, like backpack carriers for medium, and small dogs when hiking.

To know what is the best dog backpack carrier for large dogs hiking keep reading!

What is the best dog backpack carrier for large dogs hiking

The Importance of having the Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Large Dogs Hiking

  • Ease of Movement

Nothing can be more annoying than getting worried about how to carry your pet around during hiking, especially when your dog is as adventurous and as hyper as they come.

Having a backpack carrier helps solve this.

  • Helps Prevent Your Dog from Getting Chills and Catching Colds

Your dog backpack carrier acts as a layer of insulation during cold hours by providing warmth and comfort.

Furthermore, when you carry your dog in your dog backpack carrier affixed to your back, your dog shares warmth with you.

The last thing you’d want to experience is trying to get your dog treated for cold-related conditions on a hiking trail.

  • Keeps Your Pet Safe

This is essential, particularly when hiking a potentially dangerous trail.

Your pet will easily get hurt running around a rough hiking trail than if staying in a dog backpack carrier.

When choosing the Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Large Dogs Hiking

Selecting the right dog backpack carrier for your dog involves picking out the most suitable features.

You want to ensure the dog backpack carrier for hiking you pick for your dog has the basic features to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety while also keeping things convenient for you.

You and Your Dog’s Comfort

When taking long hikes, the comfort of both you and your dog is non-negotiable.

The size and body shape of the dog backpack carrier for hiking you select are essential to achieving this. 

So, a bigger dog will require a bigger backpack.

At the very least, you’ll always want to look for padded back and shoulder straps on a dog hiking backpack for your own comfort.

Plus, a sturdy waist strap will take pressure off your shoulders so that you don’t injure your back and shoulders.

While considering all these, you also want to ensure your dog’s backpack has enough space or provisional space for your pop’s tail.

Waterproof features

In a case where your dog gets nervous and piddles, you want to ensure that your dog’s backpack is waterproof so that the mess doesn’t get all over you.

It also makes it easier to clean up and dry out.

Proper Ventilation

Another crucial thing to consider is whether the bag is well-ventilated. 

A pack without proper ventilation can cause your dog to overheat, this isn’t healthy.

If you do not stay in a closed, hot car then you certainly should not keep your dog in a poorly-ventilated backpack.

An average dog backpack will come with a venting system usually flaps with equally spaced and uniform holes to allow proper breathing for your pet.


As much as you want to get a hiking dog backpack with the right (durable and pet-friendly) and comfortable material suitable for your pet, you also need to ensure you get a lightweight backpack that is easier for you to carry on a hike.

Adequate Protection

To better provide protection for your pet and yourself you need to get a hiking dog backpack with protective features which will better secure your dog, especially a big and active dog, to your trunk.

And also prevent avoidable incidents like your pet’s tail being caught on a zipper.

  1. Adjustable Waistbelt.
  2. Adjustable wide shoulder straps.
  3. Adjustable sternum strap.
  4. Zipper flap that does not catch on fur.

TOP 5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Large Dogs Hiking 

Backpack carriers are super cute and comfortable. Your dogs may want to be babied around and carried in a cute little backpack.

These doggie backpacks are super convenient for any day and are much more comfortable for owners to control their dogs.

These lay easy and comfortable on your back, and you can easily handle and carry your little or big babies around.

For your convenience, we’ve listed a few backpacks that may be what you’re looking for. 

Lifeunion Dog backpack carrier

This Lifeunion dog backpack can be used to carry your doggie in two ways.

Either you can wear the bag in front of you and easily carry them around while the dog’s legs face front and are easy to make calm and carry around.

The other way is to put the bag on your back and wear it where your dog’s legs are facing opposite from your back.

These are great for everyday walks and for the old grumpy pets who like to be close to their owner throughout trips and adventures. 


•Fully ventilated. 

• High-quality polyester 

•Is easily hooked up to a collar. 


•May needs repairing after being used for a bigger dog. 

K9 Sports sack Dog backpack

A simple little backpack that allows your dog not to feel left out from any of your adventures.

Take them hiking and for long trips since this bag has a full ventilation system that does not allow your dogs to be hot while you’re having fun.

A simple light bag allows your dog to hang freely from one side of your bag and be attached to you. 


•Ventilated cooling side panels. 

•Has adjustable pockets 

• Moisture-wicking shoulder straps. 


•Has measurement restrictions and might not be able to carry huge dogs. 

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NICREW Dog backpack

Which dog wouldn’t love a free ride? Well, this bag sure feels like one. A free legs out backpack style makes your best friend feel safe yet still attached to you. 

This little bag is really easy to use, with only a few clicks, you’ll have your dog ready for an adventure.

And the convenience in the backpack Is very detailed. You can easily pull on a few straps on the shocker to carry a big fur kid.

Made with polyester and cotton, it’s sure to give comfort. 


•Easy to handle 

•Easily adjusted. 



The measurements on the size chart are done for specific dogs. You should measure your dog properly first. 

PetBonus dog backpack 

A dog backpack can be used for carrying a cat as well, even though we all know they may not be as calm and collected.

This bag is great for the outdoors and has a shoulder strap and a waist strap, which provides more support to the owner and helps you stay hands-free.

The shoulder pads make sure that you aren’t under excessive pressure or pain. 


•Easy to use. 

•Machine washable. 



•The bag does not include a waist strap for smaller bag sizes. 

2pet washable dog backpack 

Not a backpack but a foldable dog carrier, which makes it easier for you to carry your dog to the vet, and for car rides keeping both your dog and yourself safe.

This is a foldable carrier that can easily be folded. It indeed is a simple, easy-to-use product that makes everyday chores much easier. 

This one is a steel frame covered with 600D fabric, making it easier for you to keep your dog safe and sound.

A mesh on all sides makes you see your dog much more easily. 


•Easy to use. 

•Steel frame. 

•Machine washable. 


•If harshly used, your dog could chew through the mesh on the sides. 

Top 5 Medium-Sized Dog Backpack Carrier

PetAmi Deluxe Backpack Carrier

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier

Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Proplums Dog Carrier Backpack

Top 5 Doggie Backpack Carrier for Small Dogs

Ytonnet Backpack Carrier for Small dogs

Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

Outward Houch PouchPooch Carrier for Dogs 

Pet Gear Roller Backpack

Petsfit Soft Backpack For Hiking


The above dog backpacks can be used for big dogs.

These bags are great for older dogs and keep your furkids calm and collected on long rides and adventures.

These are sure to work great for both your kid and you.  

Some of these may not be very useful when it comes to large dogs which extend the weight and measurement limits. But are sure to turn out great for any pet who tends to fit the scale. Happy hikes ahead! 


Are dog carrier backpacks safe for dogs?


Dog backpack carriers are safe for your dogs, especially when hiking. 

Putting into consideration key features to provide protection and comfort for your pop, they are the best hands-free dog carrier for outdoor activities.

Can I put my dog in a hiking backpack?

If you’re planning on hiking a long trail and you want to carry your dog along, a backpack is most suitable. A hiking backpack will not only provide protection for your dog but also provide comfort as far as hiking goes.

Depending on your dog’s size and temperament, you can most certainly put your dog in a hiking backpack.

What type of dog carrier is best for large dogs

If you’re picking out the best dog backpack carrier for your large pop, you want to ensure that you get a backpack with durable and comfortable material. You also want to be mindful of the weight of your dog and how the backpack material is suited for it. ‘The size of the backpack also must be large or suited to your dog’s size.

What type of dog carrier is best for medium and small dogs?

Most backpacks are medium and small-sized pet friendly. So getting a medium or small-size backpack with enough space for your pop’s comfort will do just fine.

How do I choose a dog carrier backpack?

To choose a dog carrier backpack that is suitable for your dog and comfortable for you to carry, you want to consider the size of the backpack relative to your dog’s size and other important features such as ventilation and protective features.

These are well explained in the article.

20 Best gifts for new hikers

In my opinion, gifts for new hikers should be totally different from Christmas gifts and the general list of hiking gifts we have.

That is because a newbie hiker has different expectations that an already established hiker does not.

How do I mean?

A newbie hiker may not have the full gear they would need while on the trail yet. Therefore gifting them something they’d desperately need on the trail would make them the happiest person.

This is where you come in. Make them happy by giving them a gift they deeply need but don’t have at the moment.

And if you are confused about what to choose, you have nothing to worry about because that is what this article aims to solve.

Hiking Essentials

First of all, I want you to pay an attention to this.

The hiking essentials is a checklist of 10 things a newbie hiker must have before hitting the trail. Without wasting much time, let me list them out.

A newbie hiker must have at least one of each of these things; a hiking backpack, weather-appropriate clothing, hiking shoes or boots, plenty of food, plenty of water, navigation tools such as a map, knife, and first aid kit, health and hygiene, and personal items.

Therefore, our lists of gifts for new hikers would revolve around these ten essentials. Your own research would be to secretly search for what this person you are giving these gifts to is lacking.

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Hiking Backpack

Also known as hiking daypacks. Every new hiker needs this in their gear collection, whether it is going to be a quick hike or a long hike that will take weeks.

The importance of having a backpack is to carry the essential gear that is needed on the trail.

Deuter Speed Lite 20

This backpack is affordable, durable, comfortable, and lightweight. It has a capacity of 20L. However, this backpack is best for a day trip.

Deuter Air Contact

This backpack is best for long trips that span days. It’s comfortable, and well built for hikers carrying heavy loads.

Hiking Shoes or Boots

You see, hiking on the trail has everything to do with the legs. Therefore getting a hiking shoe is very crucial. It’s the first important gear decision any new hiker has to make. 

The right hiking shoe or boot has to be durable, comfortable, lightweight, and adhesive to any terrain.

Well, the difference between a hiking boot and a shoe is that a hiking boot is a more supportive footwear for ridged terrain.

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Salomon X Ultra 4 Low GTX Hiking Shoe for Men

This shoe is durable, waterproof, and comfortable with great traction.

I’m writing about this shoe because I highly recommend it for its total usefulness.

Saucony Peregrine 12 Hiking Shoe for Women

This is a women’s hiking shoe. It offers the same function, it’s lightweight, durable, and supportive and it gives a nimble feel.

This shoe is available in non-waterproof forms.

Salomon Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Boot for Men

This shoe provides ankle support, it’s durable and stable. Most notable is that it’s heavier than a traditional hiking shoe however it has its use.

It also provides stability and traction.

Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP Women’s Hiking Boot

This hiking boot would make a great gift for a new hiker who has the intention of hiking with their regular shoe.

It is non-waterproof, affordable, breathable, and durable. This boot is one of the boots that many hikers wish to have in their collection of boots.

Also, they provide excellent cushioning for both long and short trips.

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Plenty Food

New hikers generally may not need plenty of food as they hike but the truth is, they definitely need it.

Freeze-dried meals are among the most popular types of meals that are available to hikers. These meals are easy to carry along, they are often times weightless and tasteful.

Of course, these types of food cannot be exactly similar to home-cooked food however they are as tasteful and nutritious.

But they often don’t come cheap.

Cuban Rice Bowl

Chicken Pho

Chicken Fajita Bowl

Breakfast Skillet

Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce

Kale and White Bean Stew

Creme Brulee

Black Expresso Packaroons

Unstuffed Pepper w/ Ground Bison

Pad Thai


Hearty Harvest Bowl w/ Wild Boar

Zesty Zoodles in Avocado Sauce

Mesquite BBQ Seasoned Chicken w/ Beans and Rice

Chicken Teriyaki w/ Rice

Citrus Chia Morning Bowl

Butte Cacao Banana

Granola with Bananas, Almonds, and Milk

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Weather-appropriate Clothing

Sun protection clothing, sunscreen sunglasses, insulation, down jackets, rain jackets, rain pants, fleece jackets, hiking pants, hiking shorts, base layers, and hiking socks are the numerous lists of clothes a new hiker must consider.

Giving them these each would make them happy.

Rab Neutrino Pro Down Jacket for New Hikers

It basically provides warmth during cold weather conditions because of its high-tech fabric and craftsmanship.


Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket for New Hikers

It basically provides warmth and waterproofing during rainfall.


Arc’teryx Zeta SL Rain Pants for New Hikers

These pants should is needed by all outdoor persons. It performs similar functions to the jackets by providing warmth when hiking the trail during a cold season.


Columbia Steens Mountain 2.0

A fleece jacket also provides warmth during cold weather conditions. It differs from the down jacket and rain jacket in layering.


Outdoor Research Ferrosi and Prana Halle Hiking Pants

Well, the importance of having regular hiking pants is obvious.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Nike Dri-FIT Challenger and Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Hiking Shorts

Hiking shorts allow for free movement and cooling during hot weather conditions.


Arc’teryx Rho LT Zip Neck Base Layer for New Hiker

A base layer provides warmth just like the other outdoor clothing options I have given. However, all of them have their use case.



Farm to Feet Damascus Hiking Socks

Hiking socks are footwears that provide support, and cushioning to the feet. This is important because the legs are the most functional body part of a hiker.

Navigation Tools

GPS and GPS watches are powerful tools that every newbie hiker must have in their possession. It helps to find their way conveniently during hiking. 

In fact, this is one of the most crucial tools they should have especially if they are not familiar with the backcountry.

GPS watches are fitted with other functions such as calorie-burned measurement, heart rate monitor, and sleeping patterns.

Instead of getting a traditional GPS, you can opt for a GPS watch.

Garmin Instinct Solar GPS Watch for New Hikers

It is a solar-powered watch, user-friendly with long battery life. It is the perfect navigation tool anyone hiker will wish for.

A great alternative is the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. However, it was very expensive.

First Aid Kit

Well, the importance of a first aid kit is very obvious. A newbie hiker would definitely need a first aid kit with the basic requirement.

General Medi Mini

It’s affordable, and lightweight, fitted with bandages, a first aid book, a tourniquet… However, it doesn’t come with meds. 

A great alternative is Adventure Medical Kits

Plenty of Water

Getting clean drinkable water is very important for all hikers including newbies. A newbie might not know this.

Taking water along is an option. However, there are times when that water might be enough hence the need for a water filter that can get rid of parasites.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle

With its insulation, it keeps water cool and it’s leakproof.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

This is one of the best water filters out there. 

What Next?

Choose the items you want and buy them now.

Best gifts ideas for hiking lovers

20 Christmas Gift for Hikers They Can’t Resist

It is Christmas time when everyone is thinking about gifts. I believe you know some hikers and you are wondering what best to give as a gift.

The list of Christmas gifts for hikers that we’ve compiled is quite different from the general list of gifts you’d see out there; unique and affordable.

Relying on our experience alone in choosing these gifts was limiting hence we had to ask other enthusiastic hikers to share their experiences, both male and female.

Be rest assured that whatever gift you choose, the recipient would be happy when they see it and start using it. Their excitement will know no bounds.

We did all the digging to help you out and what you’d find below are the best Christmas gifts for hikers available in 2022.

Make sure you start shopping early and find something they will love! Don’t wait until the last minute!

Christmas gift for hikers


These gifts are either for him or for her. However, there are also other hiking gifts for Christmas that can be gifted to both genders.

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Hiking Boot

This will make a good Christmas gift. It’s one of the most sorts after gifts by men especially those who hike across water areas because this shoe is one hundred percent waterproof.

Sleeping Aid Device

Day hikers may not need this. However, this nice little device is great for those who find a hard time sleep at night. With the touch of a button, it will take him only 20 minutes to fall asleep.

This would make great Xmas gifts for hikers that you know especially those who find it difficult to sleep.

Icemule Collapsible Backpack Cooler

Hiking during hot weather causes quick dehydration and excessive sweating. Therefore having a cooler backpack and a Christmas gift would mean a lot to him when he starts using it during summer. 

The insulation strength of this backpack is highly superior because it is multi-layered. It is a perfect cooler.

Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

This is a perfect Christmas present for hikers hence it deserves a mention. You’re probably wondering why. This boot has great traction, it’s sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable.

All of the above are the qualities that most men are looking out for when choosing a hiking boot. Get one for him and make him happy.

Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Backpack

Don’t gift this to a man because the neck and shoulder structure of men are broad but that of women is not. 

This women’s backpack is stylishly made so it doesn’t make its user uncomfortable. It can contain a whole of personal belongings when hitting the hiking trail.

It is the perfect hiking backpack for women.

Charmast 26800 Ultra Slim QC hiking Xmas gift

The importance of having a power bank whilst hitting the trail cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes, electronics like smartphones are among the essential items we use on the trail.

Hence having a power bank for charging and recharging is very important. 

This massive power bank can charge your phone six times because it has a large capacity of 26800 mAh.

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Arc’teryx Fission SV Glove

A pair of gloves will help to insulate the hands during cold weather since the hands quickly get cold before other parts of the body.

This glove’s sizing is unisex. It’s pretty tough in handling extreme conditions of cold by providing warmth. They are waterproof, and durable with a premium look and feel.

Surviveware Small

Injuries and illnesses are avoidable on the trail but there are times when mistakes happen. During these times, having a basic first aid kit comes in handy.

The availability of this kit boosts confidence and self-reliance in the backcountry because it equips us with the ability to improve if things take a turn for the worse.

This well-organized first aid kit comprises electrolyte tabs, aloe vera gel, triangular bandage, shears, splint, first aid manual, syringe, tweezers… Although it’s heavy it’s pretty much self-sufficient because it’s designed to treat a wide range of injuries on the trail.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Navigating our way in the backcountry helps us to keep track of the trail and inadvertently helps us not to get lost.

GPS watches are also our savior while on the trail. Some of them help us to monitor our heart rate, and the number of calories burned.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is a smartwatch that is quite expensive but it is worth it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hundred bucks for a unique item I’m giving to someone special.

The mapping detail is unrivaled and this is fortunately the most important feature a hiker needs a GPS watch for.

The Fenix 6 Pro is a gem.

Spyderco Para Military 2

A good pocket knife is an essential tool during hiking. It’s handy during an emergency situation.

The best pocket knives are compact with multiple blades which are usually stainless steel. Knives with premium steel blades are sharper and more expensive.

The Spyderco para military 2 is a premium pocket knife with a stainless steel blade length of 4.82 in. 

Osprey Talon & Tempest

Fanny packs are little versatile bags considered as fashion by a lot of hikers on the trail. It’s usually used to keep little things as we hike on the trail.

This is definitely what you should get for her if she doesn’t have one already, especially if she’s an avid hiker.

The Osprey Talon and Tempest is a 6L capacity fanny pack for hiking. It’s comfortable to use in keeping small items when compared to a backpack.

It’s easy to use around.

Fjallraven Abisko Tights

When my team and I decided to list out Christmas ideas for hikers, we decided to add women hiking pants.

This is because finding a good pair can be stressful and daunting. You don’t believe this? Ask her (whoever you are getting a gift for).

This is largely because of the style, the weather condition (rain, sun, and snow), and the trail activity level.

Fjallraven Abisko Tights is our best pick here. It’s a high waist hiking pant for women, tight fit, the material is stretchy, comfortable, durable, lightweight, and with pockets.

But, it’s expensive. 

This, among other factors, makes it a perfect Christmas gift for her because there are fewer people buying it, which means there are very few people she’s going to see it on especially if she’s a fan of leggings.

Patagonia Torrentshell 3L

This rain jacket is both a male and female version. It’s one of the best rain jackets out there. It’s compressible and lightweight.

The bread and butter of this jacket are that it’s very useful during stormy weather conditions because of its complex yet elegant-looking design.

What Next?

Choose one or more out of these and gift them. Your choice will be based on the perceived needs of who you want to surprise.

What is the best portable toilet seat for hiking

best portable toilet seat for hiking

Best portable toilet seat for hiking?

Hiking can be super fun and relaxing away from the bustle of the city.

As much as you would enjoy the hiking activities but the lack of sanitation and toilet facilities can be an issue.

Not having a proper toilet in close proximity can make it difficult for some people. This is where the problem exists.

But there is no problem that does not have a solution. For camping and hiking, you can get a portable toilet seat.

Looking for the best portable toilet seat for hiking?

Check the best portable toilet seat for hiking in the list below.

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What is the best lightweight waterproof breathable hiking pants

Some Hiking pants that are customized for hot or cold weather are very sacrosanct for your hiking journey.

Getting a waterproof breathable hiking pant is very crucial as it gives you comfort and confidence amongst your friends.

There are so many waterproof breathable hiking pants out there but in this article you’re going to be exposed to the best ones that have been tested by other hikers like you.


I bet you already know what you’re looking for.

But to fulfill all righteousness, I’ll just throw some light on the importance of having breathable hiking pants that are waterproof and also lightweight.


One of the importance of having such hiking pants is that it has layers that are capable of wicking moisture from the fabric which makes it dry quickly.

Basically, the idea is to not get soaked by water or your own sweat for a long time.


When your hiking pants are breathable, it stops bacteria build up that could have caused skin reactions, odors etc.


Just like how it works for bacteria, that is how it works here too. The little difference here is that fungi are a tad more stubborn than bacteria hence it’s advisable not encourage their growth at all.


Here’s the deal.

For your hiking pants to last long enough to your satisfaction it has to be waterproof. 

The reason is because water has the potency to damage any fabric


These few points are important if you want to get hiking pants that are durable, comfortable, adjustable, lightweight and fairly priced.

In fact, the products listed below were selected following this criteria.


It is unarguable that Gore-Tex is one of the best lightweight, waterproof fabric material out there.

They’ve made their name known in the market by their quality. I guess the name will be familiar to you too if you’ve been observant enough.

There are other alternatives though; pertex, Nylon and Polyester etc


Nobody wants an oversized clothing that secretly screams “I don’t like you”.

Therefore comfortable hiking pants must be light, properly sized and allows for flexibility (this is where adjustables come in).

Elastic waist band or belt hooks? I prefer the latter, but anyone can serve.

Convertible Hiking pants or Standard Hiking Pants? This is also left to a matter of choice.

If you like shorts, then going for convertibles will better. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


Many and large pockets are often the features of hiking pants. They help as a storage medium for the safekeeping of portable valuable items.

Your money, wallet, necklace, phone, compass, small cameras, lip balm, maps etc.

It becomes easier when you want to make use of these at intervals.

It saves you the stress of checking your backpack (that is, if you have anyone).


Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi

Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Our Rating

It features spandex/nylon fabric which makes it dry-quickly and also prevents heavy water penetration by water. Also, it is wind resistant.

It has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ which means it is effective in protecting you from the ultraviolet ray effect on the skin.

It also features a double Snap and Built-in Drawstring for better closure. Articulated Kness for ease of movement.


  • It is durable
  • Easy for movement.
  • Waterproof



Mountain Hardwear DYNAMA

Mountain Hardwear 

Our Rating

This product features a fabric made of Nylon/Elastane which makes it lightweight and super comfortable.

Of course, it is a water repellent waterproof type of pants.

You can easily roll it up when in use because of the cinch at the ankle.

The style of the product makes it look cool on you so that you can wear it when not hiking.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Regular length


  • Size chart issues

Acr’teryx Gamma Lt


Our Rating

This item do not have elastic waist band but built-in belt for a secure fit

The fabric is made of Nylon/Elastane. Just like the Mountain Hardwear DYNAMA, it makes it lightweight and super comfortable during use and also repel water.

It also features Adjustable Drawstring cuff to keep the pant bottoms dry.


  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

BALEAF Women's Hiking Cargo Pants


Our Rating

This item is best for curvy women. The Mid-waist style of design makes it so and also it’s slight curvature in Thighs and Hips.

Here’s a tip: Almost every lightweight clothing product are packable. This item is also packable with pockets fit into it.

It has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+.


  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Very Cheap


  • Size can be too big


Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants

Outdoor Research Ferrosi

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The fabric is nylon/spandex with a measured weight of 10 oz. This means that it’s comfortable, super lightweight and durable.

It features simple pocket design but does not have a built-in bet.

And of course, it’s waterproof, wind-resistant, quick drying and breathable.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Elastic problem

Arc’teryx Lefroy pants


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The fabric of this item is nylon/elastane with a measured weight of 10.2 oz. This means that its lightweight and comfy to use.

It features built-in belt and front pocket designs.

This pants comfortably fits into the criterias listed above; lightweight, breathable, waterproof, comfortable and of high quality.


  • Size is as expected
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

prAna Stretch Zion Pants


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The fabric is nylon/spandex which allows it to stretch well allround but especially at the leg region. And also it’s durable.

It’s baggy hence it’s not a slimmer fit.

It has pocket design for storage of portable items and built-in belt.

They are lightweight but are a little heavier when compared to the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants.


  • Super comfortable
  • Water resistant


  • It’s baggy

Mountain Hardwear AP Pants

Mountain Hardwear

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The fabric of this product is cotton/nylon/elastane which makes it a little heavy but durable.

It features snaps and cuffs at ankle height. This allows it to get good breathability during water crossings or when wet.

It is stylishly made and a slimmer fit.


  • Nice style
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Heavy

  • Cotton


There you have it. The best lightweight waterproof pants for hiking. 

What is the best hiking bag for women?

Fact about hiking bag for women: There’s a difference between daypacks and backpacks for women.

Say you want to trek a short trail for a day needing only your essentials, a daypack hiking bag is all you need. on the other hand, if you’re hiking a long trail over a few days, do not even consider a daypack.

A daypack is a small version of a backpack that is lightweight, big enough for a few extra small items, and usually preferred for shorter, day hikes.

Although a hiking bag can fit into both categories I believe that your intent in searching for this topic; the best hiking bags for women, is geared toward backpacks.

As a female hiker, choosing a women-specific backpack or hiking bag is necessary if you want comfort on the hiking trail.

In today’s post, I will be showing you a well-researched list of the best hiking bag for women.

best hiking bags for women

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What is the best trekking poles for thru-hiking

best trekking poles for thru-hiking

Although they’re not really considered to be essentials their importance cannot be disregarded.

The pain brought to your knees and hips because of the heavy backpack you are carrying and the terrain you are going to hike on can be quite distressing.

What trekking poles does is to reduce it and I bet you know that already since you are here to know the best out there.

In today’s post I will be showing the best trekking poles for thru hiking.


  • Montem Ultra Strong
  • Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork
  • Leki Micro Vario Carbon
  • Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork
  • Gossamer Gear LT5


  • Trekking poles help your body and pack weight balance by taking it to your arms and adjusting its impact on hips, knees, and ankles.
  • The tendency to fall for every slip is highly reduce with the help of a trekking pole
  • They can act as a form for protection for driving out/killing of dangerous animals.
  • Trekking poles will help you to flow perfectly well as you try to hike your hike
  • The shock absorption in many trekking poles helps to reduce the impact you make on rocks and other hard surfaces.
  • Ultimately, you become lighter and can hike faster and subsequently reduce injury.



The three main types of grip are; cork, EVA foam, and rubber. Of the three, Cork is the best with the most natural feel possible.

It comfortably fits into the shape of your hand because it is actually molded that way.

EVA foam is lightweight, and also feels comfortable. Because it is made of foam, it absorbs water but also features the ability to dry quickly. It is less durable.

Rubber grip for trekking poles works conveniently for those that are into winter sport because it is water repellant and more insulating.

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Trekking poles with two or three sections are usually collapsible and are an easy fit into a backpack or other storage medium.


Well, according to SwitchBackTravel, the twist lock is “haunted by inconsistent performance, with hikers either over-tightening to the point of seizing, or twisting to lose, resulting in perpetual issues with collapsing”.

Well, I quite agree with them because the twist lock is


The heavy pole is a big NO as you are hiking the trail. Your arms will easily get fatigued if you are using a heavy pole compared to a light pole.

You will only feel this effect more noticeably when you decide to hike for long-distance. For trekking poles, the lighter the pole, the less durable it becomes.

Something also worth mentioning here is that the material used for making the pole also plays a huge determining factor in its durability.

Aluminum-made trekking poles last longer than carbon fiber which can snap so easily although they are slightly heavier. 


Everybody knows what shock absorbers do. It is the same for trekking poles. 

Shock absorbers in a trekking pole are small, spring-like mechanisms. They help reduce the impact of a trekking pole hitting a hard surface.

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A quick list of the best trekking poles for thru-hiking

Trekking poles are used by professionals to take a little strain off their knees. This helps them maintain a steady flow in the way they use their energy. You need your trekking poles while carrying the weight and taking the strain off your knees while being on a steep hill or a decline. 

Many professionals use trekking poles, and there is no harm or shame in maintaining a good pair of trekking poles. Mostly used in pairs of two, these things are an essential investment. 

Montem store trekking pole

A sweaty hand or wet weather will not be a problem when using this trekking pole. These are equipped with the essential padding and lining, which makes you perfectly able to hold on tight to these 

Trekking poles and maintain your pace and stability. 

This stick is made from aluminum and is said to bear a weight of about 3650lbs. This also happens to be very easily adjusted and lengthened whenever required.


•Easy lock system. 

•EVA foam grip. 

•Can support a lot of weight. 


•There are reviews of the pole bending easily. 

Black diamond trail trekking pole

The poles have handles lined with cork, making it easier for the user to hold onto even when it’s hot and sweaty. There is a three-pin extension on these pokes, making it easier for the user to extend and retract the poles as required. These remade of authentic materials and can very easily withstand your weight and provide you the stability you need. The handles are lined at a 15-degree angle, which makes it easier to use. 


•Easy to handle. 




• Some of the trekkers don’t find the grip comfortable. 

Leki store Trekking pole

Leki has gone as far as to claim to have one of the best lock shaft systems globally.

They can extend easily and be locked in place once the user is okay with the size and length.

This pole is great for keeping your hands dry and clean while you’re trekking. These are absolutely great for when it comes to being sturdy and bearing weight.

It has carbon section ends and is excellent for support. 


•Lightweight poles. 

•Easy usage. 

•Made for extra extended usage. 


•There have been certain complaints about the shipping. 

Black diamond trekking pole


Bragging tons of flexibility and a top-notch development that will help get you over top of whatever snags lie before you, these are solid accomplices for all experiences on the path.

From smooth slopes to soak upper-mountain territory, you’ll generally have the additional help you have to push on.

They’re made with a lightweight yet super solid carbon fiber. The grips on there are great and certainly hell in paintings good hike. 


•Good grip. 

•Easy to use. 

•Has a powder basket 


•Made for a more feminine preference. 

Gossamer gear trekking pole

Gossamer has said it very loud and clear.

They work on the accessibility and trekking poles to be used under the circumstances that they’re very lightweight and are very light to handle.

This makes them very compatible, but they do lose some durability and strength. Though these poles are made out of good material, they still do have the chance of being bent.

You win some; you lose some. The pole has simple functions and is made sturdy according to the company. 



•Easy lock latch

•Very lightweight. 


•It can possibly not bear extreme weight but is sturdy and easy to use. 


From all the trekking poles, you may have noticed that these poles are great to hike with, but they do end up being a little too lightweight and may not be able to carry a lot of excess weight on the poles. 

They do tend to work well on hikes and are good for a year or two but not the type of product which you may think will last a lifetime. They are simple to the point and will get the job done for a few seasons. 

They also have a great grip and Provide good convince in times of need. 

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What is the best mirrorless camera for hiking

best mirrorless camera for hiking

Mirrorless cameras are known for the quality images they produce although they are larger than point-and-shoot cameras.

They are the perfect choice for professional landscape photography and are definitely more compact than DSLRs.

In today’s post, I will be showing you a list of the best of the best mirrorless camera for hiking.

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  • They bridge the gap in weight to the quality ratio between compacts and DSLRs
  • They are easier to carry around when compared to the DSLR
  • Great for landscape photography
  • Some mirrorless camera uses an electronic viewfinder to show a real-time lookalike of your image
  • High dynamic shoot range
  • They focus very quickly by the use of their image sensor



As long as you are going outdoors, the weight always going to be a key consideration for everything to use.

Mirrorless cameras feature interchangeable lenses. These lenses weigh from 2 pounds to 5 pounds. Therefore, you should carefully choose how many you are getting as you consider the weight addition.

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The zoom of the mirrorless camera lens is the number of focal lengths it has. The less the zoom, the smaller the focal length of the lens.

The professional quality of your images is highly dependent on the focal length of the camera.

We think the higher the number of the lens, the better its resolution. The balance of what you should look out for is 18 mm and 200 mm for faraway subjects and 18 mm to 70 mm for nearer ones.

Here’s a guide to explain mirrorless camera focal length better.


Be wary of moisture and dust. Getting waterproof models of a camera would be fine but unfortunately, some mirrorless cameras are weather sealed.

But you need to understand that weather sealing doesn’t necessarily mean waterproof

If you were to know if a camera is weather-sealed, you will have to look out for a number of features like rubber seals.


I said it earlier. For a mirrorless camera, for hiking, you have to keep an eye on its specific camera’s wide-angle lens.

The wide-angle lens is always written in numbers like this; 35mm, 18-55mm, etc. the wide-angle is what largely determines the best photo you can take.

You also need to understand that the more the wide-angle lens, the heavier the camera would be and the costlier.


Manual control gives you more creative control over the images you take. Fortunately, some mirrorless cameras do and also support RAW and 4K video.


For mirrorless and digital cameras, there’s an official rating that tells you how many photos the fully charged battery of the camera can take.

Mirrorless cameras are not the most battery efficient because they consume more battery since they have to power the screen.

Getting extra batteries is the trick to not losing out on important shoots as you continue on the trail.

But I think a mirrorless camera for hiking with 350 or 400 shots should be enough therefore taking an extra battery might not be necessary. Extra battery, extra weight.


Large sensors usually produce better images than smaller sensors. The size of a camera also hugely determines the sensor size.


There is a hole that light passes through inside the camera lens to hit the sensor, it is called the aperture. Small apertures equal a small passage of light and larger apertures equal a larger passage of light.

A camera with a large aperture feature will do well when it is in use in dark outdoor environments. The size of the aperture also determines the zoom length of the camera.

The larger the aperture the smaller the zoom the camera can have.

A balanced aperture and zoom length compact digital camera for hiking is around f/2.8 and f/5.6.

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Fuji film X-t3 Mirrorless Digital Camera


Weight: 4.02 lbs

Dimensions:  9.50 x 8.00 x 6.40 inches

Max resolution: 26.1 megapixel

Focus type: manual and automatic

The next one on our list that is the Fujifilm camera, is another of the top-quality cameras that is a mirrorless Fuji film camera that is known for its excellent functioning and for incredible size.

It comes with a 26-megapixel as-c and has a weight of 1.19 LBS.

Moreover, the overall dimension of this mirrorless camera is 5.2 X 3.7 X 2.3 inches.

Now let’s consider other technical features of this Fuji film mirrorless camera.

Fujifilm camera has a zoom range of 18 to 135 millimeters and has a versatile and super functional length that works great in low light and helps in the perfect and effective image stabilization.

You can take this Fujifilm mirrorless camera with you whenever you are traveling because of its compact size. And also so it is super lightweight and has a 16 f/ 2.8 Prime lens.

The overall performance of this Fuji film camera is absolutely perfect.

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Sony Alpha a6300

This Sony Alpha A6300 digital camera is undoubtedly one of the best and most ideal options available on the list.

It not only offers faster autofocus, but it can shoot up to 11 FPS. It has 425 phase detection and incredible speed.

This is an advanced camera with sensors that expand sensitivity, and it is also capable of minimizing noise.

Moreover, coma this mirrorless camera can record the 4K and HD video content, and it has a powerful lens of 16 to 50 millimeters.

This retractable lens is excellent for shooting pictures with details, and also it can take up to 350 to 400 shots.

Moreover, the Sony camera also has Wi-Fi and NFC features. Also, find a QR code for easy transfer of the file and the remote control as well. It is capable of shooting the video in slow motion as well. This camera will shoot the video at 120 FPS at 4x 5x full HD mode.

You will also find a 3-inch LCD screen for checking the images, and that three can also tilt down for easy capturing of the images.

You can now quickly take images at high and low angles with great framing because of this screen.

It comes with a battery and also has a screen protector along with the charger. And there is a lot more to discover in this incredible mirrorless camera.


  • Incredible mirrorless camera for traveling
  • Robust and ergonomic body
  • Compact in size and has an incredible autofocus


  • The battery life is not the best
mirrorless camera

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

This Panasonic camera is undoubtedly one of the best-selling cameras because of its economic body and incredible design.

Moreover, it has numerous features that you would love in this camera. It is capable of capturing images in 4K, and it can also record videos.

Moreover, this one is a 20.3-megapixel mirrorless camera that can shoot an HD and 4K mode video. It is a full-size camera that comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen.

Not only that, it is a perfect camera for professional use that will provide you sharp quality images that will not only provide attention to detail but also provide just the right amount of exposure.

This Panasonic camera also has dual image stabilization.

Find a more the design is a freeze prove super durable design, and you can easily use it because of its incredible construction.

It has to SD card slot available and a USB 3.0 slot available as well. These slots make it easier for you to transfer the file from your camera to your laptop.

The images that you get from this Panasonic camera are beyond perfection. Along with the camera, you will also get a USB connection cable and a manual.

There are a shoulder strap and a camera body cap as well. A battery and battery charger are also included with the camera.


  • Professional grade high-quality camera
  • It can shoot the video in 4K
  • High FPS photos and a compact design
  • Excellent battery life and has a touch screen


  • Does not provide the best shots in low light
mirrorless camera for hiking

Canon EOS RP

Let’s talk about another one of the top-quality cameras, which is the Canon EOS RP full-frame camera.

It is another one of the high-quality mirrorless cameras which comes with an interchangeable lens.

It has a 24 to 105 lens. Moreover, it has a compact design, and it is super lightweight as well.

This mirrorless camera will provide you with a zoom range of 24 to 105 millimeters, and it comes with optical stabilization that resists shaking.

This camera uses the EOS beta software that enhances the quality of the images, and it can capture the video in the resolution of 4K you HP.


  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Provide high-quality images
  • Great for shooting videos in 4K


  • Not so good in low light
mirrorless camera

Sony Alpha a7 III

The last one is another one of the mirrorless cameras by Sony.

This Sony A7 camera has a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens and comes with a 3-inch LCD screen.

No doubt, it is a super high-quality camera that provides just incredible photos. It comes with a full-frame image sensor and a readout speed of 1.8 X.

Moreover, it has an advanced setting of 24.2 megapixels. This mirrorless camera has Bluetooth and can be connected easily for transferring files.

The battery life is incredible, and with the viewfinder, it can last up to 200 minutes, and with the LCD monitor, it can last up to 200 in 10 minutes.

Moreover, there is a focus sensor and a rechargeable battery as well.


  • Great camera for capturing images with details.
  • Offers in-body stabilization


  • The menu system of the camera needs improvement
mirrorless camera


Choosing the best mirrorless camera can be a difficult choice.

But to find out which one will be the best mirrorless camera for hiking, you can check the list above.

Our list has some of the best mirrorless cameras that are compact and super suitable for hiking.

Also, our best choice is the Panasonic Lumix gh5 mirrorless camera that is beyond exception because of the high-quality images and compact size.

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What is the best digital camera for hiking

best compact digital camera for hiking

It’s absolutely normal for you to want to capture beautiful scenes of nature and do the same with no extra weight as you hit the trail.

Getting a compact digital camera is very essential because of the factors in weight, purpose, and quality.

Getting a good digital camera for the outdoors isn’t science anymore. Going lightweight and durable is the new normal.

Below is a list of the best compact digital cameras for hiking which is also known as the best point and shoot camera for hiking.

I promise not to bore you with the details.

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