What is the best ultralight sleeping bag for side sleepers

best ultralight sleeping bag for side sleepers

You must already know that as a side sleeper, you favor your sides when sleeping. 

Amongst other things, sleeping on your side has been proven to have health benefits and has been considered to be pretty good.

If you have heartburn, snore, or frequently have indigestion, then side sleeping can actually help reduce and possibly eliminate them after a long period of time.

It could be that you already have knowledge of the above which is why you are searching for the best ultralight sleeping bag for side sleepers.

Well, this article aims to provide you with the right answer to your query.

We’ve painstakingly gone through the web to outline the top 5 items in this category.

What are the Common Types of Sleeping Bags?

Briefly, we’re going to tell you about the various types of sleeping bags you can find out there and we’ll help you know if they are best fit for side sleeping.

Here’s our list of sleeping bags for outdoor activities.

The Mummy Sleeping Bag

If you’re hiking during the cold season, then the mummy sleeping bag will not be a bad choice. 

These style of sleeping bags maximizes insulation (retains heat) by enclosing your body almost like a body suit.

Although they are perfect for a cold season hiking or camping, they are not recommended for side sleepers as they provide little to no allowance for movement.

Elephants Foot Sleeping Bag

Trying to save space and pack light on a hike? The elephant’s sleeping bag will duly suffice.

These are designed to be more or less freer than the Mummy sleeping bag.

Although they fit less on the upper body (shoulders and chest) and have no zip, they are still restrictive for side sleepers.


Quilts are lightweight half-sleeping bags. When using a quilt you would need a good pad below to prevent catching a cold from cold surfaces. compared to the other two sleeping bags mentioned, the built is a perfect pick for a side sleeper as it has no zipper restrictions and can be very wide.

Rectangular Sleeping Bag

These styles of sleeping bags are the classics of sleeping bags and most suitable for side sleepers too!

They have sufficient space for all sorts of movements while still providing comfort and some warmth.

Other types of sleeping bags include;

  • Double sleeping bag: Suitable for side sleepers but provides less warmth.
  • Zipless sleeping bag: These are lightweight and not a bad option for side sleepers.
  • Semi-rectangular sleeping bags: These are warmer than rectangular sleeping bags but do have more space for your legs. They aren’t a bad pick.
  • Square Sleeping bag: They’re suitable for side sleepers but not as warm as the mummy sleeping bag. They can be heavy to pack!
  • Barrel-shaped sleeping bag: Provides the space of rectangular bags without compromising on warmth. Definitely suitable for side sleepers.

The Importance of having The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag for Side Sleepers


It has been proven that sleeping with your side helps you to sleep comfortably and proffers some health benefits.

To be accurate, sleeping on your left side.

As I wrote in the introduction part of this article, sleeping with your side in a sleeping bag can help you to reduce heartburn, snoring, indigestion, and other acid reflux symptoms.


Compared to sleeping on the trail exposed, using a sleeping bag helps to protect you from insects and animals that are found in the wild.

I know you’d already know this, or would agree with me on this. 

What to Look out for when Choosing Ultralight Sleeping Bag for Side Sleepers


The sleeping bags with the best shape for side sleepers are the Rectangular-shaped sleeping bag and the mummy-shaped sleeping bag.

These types of sleeping bags are wider at the bottom and at the shoulder area. This is exactly what side sleepers need because this allows you to turn as you want without restriction.


There’s a difference between lightweight and ultralight. When it comes to sleeping bags, I consider nothing over 3 lbs as Ultralight.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Hitting the trail with a heavy sleeping bag is a Big NO!

And if you can recall, this is one of the main reasons for this article.


I bet you don’t want to hit the trail with a huge, baggy, disturbing load. 

Hence, you opt for a compressible bag. You should be able to pack your sleeping bag down to its smallest size, portable enough for you to carry around.

Compression straps and stuff sacks can do this.


According to greenbelly, you should build in the “20-degree rule of comfort. That is, you should add 20 degrees to the manufacturer’s claim for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The reason behind this is that whatever rating the manufacturer of a sleeping bag gives, it is the survival rating. Therefore to be comfortable add 20 and get a higher rating bag.

We applied this in the product listing.

It will also interest you to know that the warmth needed in your sleeping bag for comfort is produced by your body. What a sleeping bag does is trap this heat and should not allow a way of escape.


There’s what we call the THERMAL MANIKIN TEST – it is a scientific model of knowing if a sleeping bag has enough insulation according to the EN Standards.

The Standard temperature ratings are; comfort, upper limit, lower limit, and extreme.

Note: Temperature ratings are misleading. Therefore to keep warmth as earlier stated you can decide to increase it by adding layers to yourself.

Wearing a sweatshirt and other materials can do the trick.


Narrow sleeping bags is a big NO! But there’s a need for balance because you’ve to consider weight and compression.

Striking the balance can be a bit difficult. Spacious sleeping bags don’t cause restlessness but allow you to move freely within their confines. This is what side sleepers need.

Therefore, to get the right bag, you have to consider its length, and width.

About the bag’s length, you must, first of all, know your actual length to be able to determine the length of the bag you can rightly fit in.

About the bag’s width, knowing your hip measurement or shoulder girth can help in this regard.

Once you’ve known your measurement, you can opt for a bag with extra width.


This is important only if you will be coming in and out of your sleeping bag frequently. 


I will only give a line or two here. Because too much information causes too much analysis which can lead to paralysis.


This number ranges from 600 to 950. It determines the quality of the insulation in terms of warmth.


Synthetic insulation is heavier, less warm, and baggy compared to down feathers.


Ultralight sleeping bags are going zipperless. Even those for side sleepers too.


Keeping your sleeping bag in storage for a long period gradually reduces its effectiveness.


The padded loop does not allow your sleeping pad from slipping off because it secures it from doing so while a padded sleeve is an added insulation.


It’s a hoodlike insulation attached to the neck region of a sleeping bed.

Top 5 Ultralight Sleeping Bag for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a sleeping bag that is spacious enough for them to roll onto their side for good night sleep.

There are bags which are suitable for people who sleep on their backs too.

For such reasons, we have lined up a few sleeping bags for side sleepers to choose from.

NEMO siren 30 siren sleeping bag



 This Nemo sleeping bag is easy to sleep in and is super comfortable.

They are made with cotton and nylon and are sure to bring down the temperature in any condition.

This sleeping bag comes with a padded liner, making your sleeping bag stick in place and does not let it move. . 


  • Easy lining for tie-down action. 
  • Will not move out of place at night. 
  • Is extremely warm and spacious. 


  • Is a little expensive and has limited shipping

Coleman Sleeping Bag



A mummy-shaped sleeping bag which allows the user to be comfortable and sleep in a fixed position.

Your legs will fall perfectly in place while you’re sleeping.

This has a zipper on both sides and has thermal insolation to avoid any heat escape from the sleeping bag.

The good of the sleeping bag can be shut or left open according to the temperature. 


  • Easy for side sleepers. 
  • Open headspace. 
  • Does not allow excessive cold air. 


  • Doesn’t compress well enough

NEMO Fort 35 Sleeping Bag



A great sleeping bag for side sleepers.

This bag allows the sleeper to have enough space in the arms and legs for the sleeper to move around comfortably.

They can easily have a good night’s sleep.

This can be zipped and unzipped for the user to let their body breath and to maintain airflow.

An easy-breezy sleeping bag is ideal for the warmer months. 


  • Zipper on both sides 
  • Is quickly ventilated 
  • Spoon shaped. 


  • Since this is a little on the warmer side, it would not be suggested to use in summers. 

Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit


A compact sleeping bag which allows the sleeper to sleep in peace and have comfort.

These are the same old mummy-shaped sleeper, but they are in no way uncomfortable.

This gives great insulation and maintains a great airflow throughout the night.

These sleepers are great for carrying around since they are super light. 


  • Easy and light. 
  • Maintains a breezy environment. 
  • Compact.


  • Not at all recommended for warm nights.  

Marmot Phase 20



A simple sleeping bag allows you to sleep sound and clam throughout the night.

The sleeping bag is great for a cold night and can manage to keep you warm throughout.

The shape keeps you cozy and has a great foot warmer for extra heat.


  • Good feet warmer. 
  • Keeps you in place 
  • easy to handle. 


  • The zippers on this one close a little too tight.

NEMO Disco 15 & 30



Another one of NEMOs classic sleeping bags gives you a great night’s sleep.

These bags are insulated but ensure ventilation to maintain proper airflow and keep you warm yet breezy.

It’s made in a classical spoon shape while having insulation at the feet, making it easier for anyone to keep their feet warm.

The hood is made comfortable and is easily adjusted according to the person’s needs. 


  • Does not let you get hot. 
  • Good ventilation 
  • Warm feet insulation. 


  • Does not come with a padded sleeve. 

Nemo Riff Down Sleeping Bag

Brand name


A breathable sleeping bag allows the user to sleep in comfort but not be overheated inside the cocoon sleeping bag.

This is the spoon NEMO sleeping bag, which has a tucked blanket on the top and has a warm shoebox, with an included ventilation system that maintains a warm environment. 


  • Keeps you warm and ventilated 
  • Is lightweight. 
  • Has a waterproof show box. 


  • A little expensive. 


These are a few side sleeper bags that may give you what you’re looking for; these allow you to have a sound sleep, and some of them can be used on summer days.

Most of these are great for winter hiking sessions and keep you warm all around.

The foot warmers add an extra touch, which provides you with more comfort and ease.  


Can you sleep on your side in a sleeping bag?

This entirely depends on how your sleeping bag is designed.

A loose-fitting sleeping bag like the zipless sleeping bag or a more open-space sleeping bag like the rectangular sleeping bag better supports free movements compared to the mummy sleeping bag.

So you can sleep on your side in a sleeping bag styled to accommodate movements.

Is sleeping on the side good for the lungs?

Generally, sleeping on the side causes no known damage to the lungs. And research has shown that sleeping on the side can help prevent major respiratory issues such as collapsed lungs.

So, there’s no fear to discover you’re a side sleeper. 

What is a sleeping bag?

If you’re conversant with outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking, you must understand the need for rest during prolonged periods of these activities.

After a while on the hiking trail, especially when it gets dark and dangerous, you will need to find a resting place. 

This is where a sleeping bag comes in. It provides the comfort of a resting surface as much as outdoors can give and protects you from creeping animals. Aside from protection, sleeping bags also provide warmth during a cold night.

How can I sleep in a sleeping bag?

Depending on the brand and style of sleeping bag you buy, the manufacturer’s instructions will guide you on how to set up your sleeping bag. 

When your bag is properly set up, all you need do is wear it up, open and enter or lie and cover over. Get cozied up and enjoy your sleep.

What is the best boxer briefs for hiking

Choosing the best boxer briefs for hiking shouldn’t be that difficult. Take it from me.

Boxer briefs or tight boxers as they’re also called are tight-fitting. Although they’re commonly worn for sport, they still serve a huge purpose for hikers.

For the males, they’re designed to accommodate the male genitals. In this post, I’ll be showing you quality ones that are fit for your hiking journey.

NOTE: Never wear boxers when going out for hiking


There’s nothing more to write here other than the fact that boxer briefs will give you the support needed during hiking.

But you need to understand that tighter briefs will lower fertility says everydayhealth.


If you must buy anything of quality, there must be something to look out for. This goes for tight briefs also. First of all, we must look at;


Spandex, Nylon, Merino wool, Polyester are the go-to for both men and women. Synthetic blends prevent chafing –  this can be very annoying when going on a long hiking journey, and it provides optimal support and moisture-wicking.

NOTE: Never wear boxers when going out for hiking


It’s best to choose the size that will give you maximum comfort. If there’s anything you want during your hiking journey, it is comfort.


For easy movement, you need boxer briefs that are lightweight.


When planning for a hike, you might also need to get the boxers for hiking as well, if you are planning to wear one.

When packing the other hiking gear, a moisture-wicking brief will be the best to wear during the trail.

These boxers, being the closest to your body, needs to be super comfortable.

Therefore, we have listed the 5 boxer briefs for hiking that are not only comfortable but also super breathable and fast drying. 

Icebreaker Merino mens Men’s Anatomica Boxers

These ice breaker merino Boxers are the winner of the show because of the fantastic quality and the composition that is composed of 100% other fibers.

Not only are these boxes super comfortable, but also you can wash them in the washing machine.

It comes with enhanced durability because of the core-spun fabric, and scratch and mobility is even better because of the lycra content.

These Boxers are not easy to chafe and will provide you long-lasting comfortable Run during your hike.

The quality of these boxers is super incredible, and these dry out super fast while absorbing the moisture quickly.


Super breathable

Dries fast

Long-lasting and does not chafe


Will make you sweat a little

2. Arc’teryx Phase SL Boxer Men’s

The next one is another one of the top quality boxers for hiking or even for daily use.

This one is super high quality and comfortable boxer that is made from polyester material.

Moreover, it is super high performance because of its diverse design.

It can dry out quickly while you are hiking or on the trail, and also it has an excellent moisture absorption system.

For all the outdoor activities, these boxes are the best options.

Furthermore, these boxers are super lightweight and incredible in terms of design and durability.


Comfortable and ergonomic

Absorbs moisture quickly and dries out fast

Long-lasting and easy to pack


These boxes were developed in odor

3. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

The next boxer brief on our list is a boxer brief made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane material.

These boxes are highly breathable and will provide you fantastic comfort when traveling for hiking or daily use.

These Boxers are incredible for absorbing the moisture quickly, and the best thing is that the waistband fits appropriately and retains the shape for a longer time.

This elastane material and the resistance of the waistband improves the durability of the boxer.

This quick-drying feature makes this boxer just the perfect option for everyday use.


Odor resistant

Quickly dries out

Fits well


Not the most durable

4. Smartwool Men’s Base Layer Bottom

The next one is a smart wool merino wool base layer bottom that is a perfect activewear boxer to be used while hiking.

It is incredibly constructed and designed for fantastic ventilation and insulation.

Whereas the material used in the composition of this boxer is merino wool to enhance the boxer’s compatibility and absorb the Sweat immediately.

This boxer is not only durable but also super soft and long-lasting. It consists of 56 % merino wool and 46% polyester, which makes it warm and breathable.

You can use this boxer for everyday use and hiking as well. Now you no longer wait all day to get them dried as boxer dries out super fast.


Soft and comfortable material

Machine washable


Does not have a fly

5. Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

The last one of the hiking boxers is another one of the merino wool boxers, which is incredible in performance.

This merino wool boxer is super breathable and high quality.

It is made for Incredible stability during exercise and even during everyday use.

It is incredible for providing comfort, and the ergonomic design is fantastic for keeping the boxes in place. You can wash these Apex boxers in the washing machine, and you can use it while traveling for hiking.

These boxers are easy to clean and stain-resistant. You will love the fast drying system and moisture-wicking design of this boxer.


Super soft and comfortable

Easy to wash

Great for hiking and everyday use


Little pricey


Choosing the best boxer briefs for hiking can be a challenging option.

This is the base layer piece of clothing that is closest to your skin.

Therefore, choose the merino wool boxes that are soft and long-lasting.

You can also find out the polyester and nylon boxes that are mixed with elastane for incredible stretchability.

What is the best long underwear for hiking?

It’s no doubt that hiking during cold weather conditions with shorts only is almost like a suicidal mission. Right?

There’s no need to go through the suffering of those harsh cold weather conditions when there are Long underwear or long johns you can use. 

It will interest you to know that thermal underwear often consists of long leggings and long-sleeved shirts worn underneath outer clothing on cold days.

What this post will be showing you shortly are some of the best long underwear for hiking. We’ve gone through the goring details. Yours is to select the one that best suits you.

Quick List of the Best Long Underwear for Hiking

The Importance of Having a Long Underwear for Hiking

First of all, let’s state the obvious. Appropriate clothing is crucial to both men and women hikers regardless of the weather.

If you can’t control the temperature you can control what you wear or layer up with.


You already know this. 

This is the first and foremost importance. This is all there is to it. Long Johns are made with a fabric technology that insulates your body.

Thermal underwear can prevent you from getting cold during hiking. 


Long Johns come in different colors, patterns, and styles.


Another importance of long underwear for hiking is the ease of movement it provides you while on a sweating hike.

You want to ensure you have as much comfort as you can get while walking for an extended period. And long underwear for hiking will provide you this comfort to ease your movement, prevent friction and peeling, and overall leave you feeling comfortable.


Long-john materials are impenetrable which helps to protect your skin from sharp objects and insect bites.


Long underwear provides warmth just as it protects you from harsh environments. If you’re hiking in a cold season, you want to make sure that you get as many layers as possible to keep you warm.

What to Look out for When Choosing a Long Underwear for Hiking


The material or fabric used in the production of the long underwear for hiking you buy will determine some important features that will contribute to your comfort and safety while wearing your long underwear for hiking.

Here are a few of these features.

Moisture Absorbance:

It’s important to wear long underwear that sufficiently absorbs moisture as a result of sweating during a hike.

This prevents cold and makes your hiking experience more comfortable.

Fast Drying:

Closely behind moisture absorbance is the rate at which the long underwear dries.

Just as moisture absorbance prevents cold, by absorbing sweat from your skin, your long underwear’s ability to dry quickly also contributes to preventing cold and dampness.

So when picking out the best long underwear for hiking you want to consider how much the material supports quick drying.


The durability of your long underwear matters very much because you don’t want to buy long underwear each time you plan to go hiking.

If the strength of the material of your long underwear is not good enough you might end up just doing that.

Long underwear fabrics such as merino wool, polyester, and cotton-polyester-blend are known to be durable.


The feel of your long underwear material is essential for your comfort while putting it on.

Since this layer of clothing is going to be on you throughout your daily hike and be closest to your skin, you want to ensure you get a material that has a nice feel on your skin and doesn’t feel constrictive.

You also want to make sure that you get a material that does not irritate your skin or a fabric type that you are allergic to.

Resistance to Heat:

A good long john should give you warmth but not give you a heat stroke when hiking in hot weather. The best long underwear for hiking should be resistant to heat.


Before picking out a good base layer for hiking you want to make sure that it fits snugly- not too constrictive or too loose. This gives the right amount of warmth and comfort.

So get your size sorted out and pick out the best long john that suits your size exactly.


In case you enjoy a good fashion sense getting base layers in a variety of colors will interest you. This is great, and long underwear comes in various color picks.

Getting colors that do not absorb heat much is also very important especially when you are hiking in a hot season.


A lightweight long-john is easy to pack and will not add much weight to your backpack. it also adds to your feeling of lightness when wearing it.


Your base layer is closest to your skin and absorbs your body sweat and oil, this makes odor retention very probable.

When picking the best base layer for hiking, you want to ensure that it does not retain odor, as this can be very uncomfortable if you’re hiking in a hot season, since you’ll sweat more than in a cold season.


The last on our list of what to look out for when picking the best long underwear for hiking is the cost of the underwear, although, this is not the least feature.

Yes, a good hike is great when you’re well-prepared, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend too much.

We’ll help you with options for the best base layers for hiking without breaking the bank. Keep Scrolling!

Top 5 Long Underwear for Hiking

Here’s our list of the best long underwear for hiking you can pick from when getting a good base layer for your next hiking trip.

TOP 5 Long Underwear for Hiking (Men)

Here’s our top hiking long-johns underwear for men.

Thermajohn Long Johns Thermal Underwear 

This men’s Thermajohn long underwear is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex which is awesome because of its breathability.

When hiking in a cold season you need not worry, this long john is designed to retain heat and keep the cold away.

The fleece lining also contributes to its heat retention quality and adds a smooth finish to the fabric.

It promises to keep you dry because of its moisture absorbance quality that absorbs sweat away from your skin, keeps you feeling dry as it is a fast dry fabric, and overall keeps you comfortable.


  • Made from materials that support moisture wicking.
  • Made from breathable fabric.
  • They have good heat retention quality to keep you warm.
  • It is made with stretchable material that allows freedom of movement with no chafing or bunching when moving.
  • Affordable price.


  • It can be a size smaller or bigger.

CL convallaria Thermal Underwear

The CL convallaria Thermal Underwear is designed with high-quality fleece lining for optimum thermal retention while hiking in extremely cold weather

It is abrasion resistant since it is made up of 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

This men’s long john has flatlock stitching which creates a flat seam on the garment to ensure maximum comfort and prevent chafing.

When going on a hiking trail during the cold season, this long underwear is able to keep you warm at low temperatures, and also keep you comfortable.


  • This thermal underwear is windproof.
  • It is made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the sweat away.
  • This thermal long john perfectly repels odor.


  • Does not have a pee hole.
  • May come in sizes too small or too big.

Smartwool Men’s Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom

With this Merino wool baselayer long john, temperature regulation is assured. So when hiking in unstable weather there’s no need to worry when using this Merino long john.

This temperature-regulating long john is made of 100% wool.

OR Men’s Echo Hoodie

LAPASA Men’s Thermal Underwear 

Top 5 Long UNderwear for Hiking (Women)

Women are not left out, here are the 5 best base layers for hiking for women!

Thermajane Long Johns Thermal Underwear for Women

PISIQI Thermal Underwear Women 

ViCherub Thermal Underwear Set for Women

WEERTI Thermal Underwear for Women 

LAPASA Womens 100% Merino Wool Base Layer


There you have it!

The Best long underwear has been compiled to ease your stress of choosing your next hiking long john.

The products have been painstakingly described, meet up with the standards of hiking long underwear, and are not too pricy as well.

I hope we’ve been able to help you pick the best long underwear without the trouble of searching the web aimlessly.

What is the best hands-free dog leash for hiking

best hands-free dog leash for hiking

If there is anything hikers cherish a lot, it’s freedom – freedom of movement.

But hiking with your dog reduces that freedom minimally and increases worry because the dog will be roaming freely amidst a whole lot of things one of which is environmental elements that can be dangerous.

For you to be comfortable without worrying about your dog’s safety then you will have to invest in hands-free dog leashes for hiking.

And if you are planning on hiking with your dog for the first time, a hands-free dog leash is a must have. Well, in case you just got a dog and you’re wondering what a hands-free dog leash is, we’re glad to enlighten you.

A hands-free dog leash basically looks like a big rope (called lasso) that has a conventional leash portion that attaches to your dog’s collar, and another portio that is to be worn around the walker’s waist, like a belt.

So you don’t need to stress your hands and sholders while hiking with your dog! let’s not forget you can aslo take your dog on a run with your hands free dog leash.

Now, what this post is going to do is to help you with picking from the top rated hands-free leashes for dogs for your next hike with your dog.

We’ve carefully selected the best hands-free dog leash for hiking from what more than a handful of avid hikers have used.

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What is the best hiking shirts for women

best hiking shirts for women

When it comes to the best hiking shirts for women, there’s no limit on what you will see in the market today compared to seven years ago.

We all do agree that hiking is sweaty work. But I don’t see anyone jumping for joy at the thought of being drenched in sweat. Or comfortably trekking in wet clothes.

So when it comes to hiking, you will agree with me that using just your ordinary shirt won’t just cut it.

That means there is a need for shirts specifically tailored and suited for hiking or trekking trails.

And Not just any shirt but one tailored for hiking women. Even pregnant hiking women too!

Types of Women Hiking Shirts.

You don’t just pick up any type of cloth or any shirt from your stylish wardrobe when you’re planning to set out on a trail hike.

Yes, indeed. You don’t want to hurt yourself when on a recreational hike. Like many other outdoor activities, hiking requires specifics. Especially your clothing layers.

In case you’re feeling a bit unsure, you don’t have to worry.

We have carefully listed out the types of hiking clothes and shirts you will be needing when setting out on a trail trek.


If you’re thinking of comfortability during a trail hike, you’re thinking of hiking T-shirts.

These are lightweight and breathable (depending on the fabric) and are entirely great for hiking.

What about when it gets cold? Simply just add more clothing layers onto your hiking T-shirts, easily.

The only disadvantage of hiking T-shirts is that it doesn’t provide sufficient protection from the sun rays on your skin.

Tank Tops

They’re fancy looking, freeing, and seemingly breathable. 

Tank tops come in a variety of colors for your pick. If anything is light, these certainly are. But on the downside, you might want to pack extra sunscreen especially when hiking on a warm or sunny day. 

Although beautiful, these tops do not provide the amount of protection your skin needs from the rays of the sun. 

Finally, you want to consider opting for a tank top based on the padding of your backpack as some tank tops do not provide enough protection against the friction between your backpack and your skin.

Long-sleeve Baselayers

These are most suited for cold weather conditions when on a hike. This is because have long sleeves and a crew neck which does not allow venting.

Another great thing is that some long-sleeve baselayers are made from breathable materials that make them a great alternative for T-shirts.

Button-Up shirts

Button-up hiking shirts are lightweight and breathable because they are made from lightweight synthetic materials and usually provide quite a lot of ventilation, especially during hiking. 

These are generally considered the best hiking shirts, especially for hiking during harsh weather.

Most button-up hiking shirts have a collar and long sleeves, but some short sleeve options are also available.

The long sleeves are more favored compared to the short sleeve because they provide that protection from the sun your skin needs. And some extra protection from insects. But the sacrifice will be added weight.

Some have mesh flaps for added ventilation and most have chest pockets for carrying small items.

Zip-up Baselayers

Most Zip-ups have long sleeves but some short-sleeve options are available for you.

Zip-ups are long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirts that have a quarter-zip or half-zip at the neckline to allow venting. When zipped up they often have a collar that helps with sun protection or trapping warmth.

You can use them as your hiking shirts, but it is more common to use them as an insulating mid-layer (i.e. wear them over your hiking shirt and under your fleece or down jacket).

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What Is The Best Portable Toilets For Hikers

portable toilets for hikers - portable hiking toilet

Are you an avid hiker or someone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors?

If so, then you know how important it is to have access to a reliable and convenient portable toilet.

But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve taken the time to research and compile a list of the best portable toilets for hikers. 

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What is the best long sleeve hiking shirt for hot weather in 2023?

Hiking is an activity that requires proper gear and clothing to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

When it comes to hot weather, choosing the right clothing becomes even more crucial.

However, not all long sleeve shirts are created equal and finding the best one for hot weather in 2023 can be a daunting task.

Well, it turns out that using a long sleeve shirt or the right hiking button down shirt can drastically reduce the effects of hot weather on your body when hiking, seeing that it provides more coverage coupled with its Sun Protection Factor plus other factors.

In today’s post, I will show you the best long sleeve cool shirts for summer that can help you achieve this with these factors and recommend some of the best options available in 2023

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Best hiking water shoes for men

best water shoes for hiking men

It’s no doubt that it is necessary for you to use a water shoe when hiking a trail that is wet.

But the problem is that you probably can’t seem to find the right one.

Well, It’s not your fault.

Because there are tons of water shoes out there for a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, and as a result, it becomes difficult to just choose one.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Don’t worry because, in this post, I will be showing you exactly 8 water shoes (for men that are quick to dry, breathable, light with mesh lining) that are specifically tailored for hiking.

And also, you will have a list of quality criteria to look out for when you want to buy any other Water shoe for hiking.

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Cho Pat Knee Strap Review 2023

cho pat dual action knee strap review

If your knees hurt. If you don’t know what better way to take care of it, then consider using a knee strap.

So if you’re on this site you must already have an idea about what a knee strap is. But, let’s tell you more and help fill up some important knowledge gaps.

Actually, I had a fall and as a result, sustained a painful knee injury. This was very restrictive, especially physically. As a result of this experience, I became acquainted with knee straps (also called knee brace).

And if there’s one thing I regretted not doing on time it was to opt for a knee brace. it would have saved me a lot of stress and pain and my knee would have healed faster.

After suffering from pain as a result of the knee injury, I had to sort out ways to help relieve the pain and assist me with physical activities. If you’re a hiker or involved in other outdoor activities, you know what I mean.

I found out that I hit jackpot when I came about the Cho Pat knee strap and in this post, I’ll be showing you the Pros and the Cons of using a knee strap and this knee brace in particular.

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