What is the best hands-free dog leash for hiking

best hands-free dog leash for hiking

If there are anything hikers cherish a lot, its freedom – freedom of movement.

But hiking with your dog reduces that freedom minimally and increases worry because the dog will be roaming freely amidst a whole lot of things.

For you to be comfortable without worrying about your dog’s safety then you will have to invest in a hands-free dog leash.

Now, what this post is going to do is to help you with just that.

We’ve carefully selected the best hands-free dog leash for hiking from what more than a handful of avid hikers have used.




Slow Walker



Shock-absorbing Properties

The importance of this feature cannot be overemphasized. It actually keeps the dog safe by absorbing shocks whilst giving you comfort in the process.


A lock is necessary when you want to fasten the leash to something else.


Getting something that will get spoilt so easily is definitely a big no. But you also need to know that the size of your dog and as suitable leash will also play a role in the leash’s durability.


This is true especially if you are going to be taking your dog on night hikes. You can stand out at night when the leash is reflective.


Most people prefer to run their dogs off-leash, but running with your dog off-leash while hiking is not the best option.

However, you can not have a leash in your hand while hiking and running on rough terrain. So, what is the solution? 

The hands-free dog leash for hiking is the solution that will keep your dog on leash and not affect your gait. 

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Dog Leash

While you are running and have a dog leash in your hand, the tug and pull might confuse the dog. So, a hands-free leash is an ideal option.

This Tuff mutt dog leash has a length of 4 feet that provides enough room for the dog to run. Moreover, there is a waist belt for fitting the waist size of up to 42 inches.

The leash also has a reflective thread, and the quality of the leash is super durable. You can easily control your dog with this hand free dog leash without any difficulty.

Reasons to buy

  • High-quality reflective material
  • Provides enough room to run
  • Easy-glide belt with shock-absorbing bungee

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable for small dogs

Black Rhino Hands-Free Leash For Hiking

Another one of the 4 feet hands-free dog leash that is perfect for running, jogging, and hiking.

For making your trial better and more fun, this leash padded and has a dual leash.

Moreover, adjust the length according to the requirement. So, no more worries when you are going for a jog or on the trail.

This adjustable length helps with a better run, and you can have it adjusted around your waist. With this hands-free trail, you will not feel the strain in your shoulder or muscles.

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable length
  • A parent-friendly product
  • Prevents acute injury

Reasons to avoid

  • The material of the leash is a bit abrasive

Ruffwear Flat Out

A versatile dog leash is what every dog parent needs.

The Ruffwear dog leash is just what you need. It is a versatile dog leash that you can wear in your waist or have it in your hand.

You can easily clip it on your waist and enjoy your run with your dog.

This Ruffwear dog leash is an adjustable dog leash that is versatile and durable.

Moreover, the handling is a lot easier because of the padding and you can restraint is quickly when needed.

Reasons to buy

  • Daily use harness
  • Versatile and durable
  • Secure to use and easy to clip

Reason to avoid

  • The leash is thin and prone to breaking

Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Leash

This adjustable dog leash is another top quality and hands-free leash, which comes with a waist belt.

The adjustability of the waist belt ranges from 20 inches to 40 inches.

The main highlight of this dog leash is the quick release mechanism. In case of an accident, you can release the leash quickly.

This dog leash has two different leash attachments, and it can be converted into a handheld leash; the shock-absorbing phenomenon makes this hands free dog leash an ideal choice.

Reasons to buy

  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Shock absorbing leash
  • Adjustable length

Reasons to avoid

  • The Buddy system may not be great

Taotronics Retractable Hands-Free Dog Leash

Looking for a dog leash that is ideal for large dogs? In that case, this Taotronics hands-free leash is the perfect one to have.

It is not only an excellent leash for large dogs, but you can also adjust the leash around your waist to enjoy hands-free running and jogging with your dog. 

This one is a strong dog leash that can handle the weight of up to 150 lbs.

Also, the adjustability is perfect as well, which stretches up to 67 inches. The reflective stitches in this leash is a cherry on top for night time use. 

Reasons to buy 

  • Has extra handles 
  • Adjustable length 
  • Versatile 
  • Great for night use 

Reasons to avoid 

  • Not suitable for small dogs 


The above the top hands-free dog leashes that are the ideal options for hiking.

Now, you can be carefree while you plan to hike on the rough terrain with your dog.

These adjustable dog leashes are not only strong and secure but also durable and versatile. 

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